Volunteer Testimonials

What Health Ambassadors say about PHS:

This was very inspiring to me personally to make improvements in my own habits. There were many hands on activities that I believe may have created some strong visual images for the kids (amount of sugar in a soda, the large blobs of fat in various foods, the models of fat vs. muscle). I think these might stay with the kids and motivate them to make better choices.

The most positive part of the experience is interacting with the kids and knowing that some of them really care about getting healthier.

I loved how the program worked to empower the kids to have the knowledge to be able to make their own well informed decisions about their health. It was a really fun experience and it was a pleasure working with the kids!

I very much enjoy the fact that the Health Ambassadors have the opportunity to get involved in a broad range of activities outside of the classroom. I think PHS is a very comprehensive program.

The kids’ enthusiasm and willingness to actively participate in all the discussions was great.

I really enjoyed working with the kids and getting them excited about healthy lifestyles.

The props helped keep the kids interest and were very helpful teaching the concepts.

My involvement with Project Healthy Schools has been such a rewarding experience. I have seen the children excited and eager to learn about how they can lead healthier lifestyles. Thanks to PHS, I am now considering going into Public Health, and I am interested to take more Public Health classes!

I loved being a PHS Ambassador and if I wasn't a senior in undergrad, I'd do it again!