Kids Resources

BAM! Body and Mind
Games, quizzes, and other interactive features help you learn about peer pressure, stress, physical fitness and other topics important to kids.

Kids Health
KidsHealth has doctor-approved articles, animations, games, and resources to help kids learn more about their bodies and stay healthy.

Teens Health
Doctor-approved articles, animations, games, and resources to help teens learn more about their bodies and stay healthy.

Food Champs
Younger children will enjoy the interactive games and free downloadable food coloring pages. There are also great kid recipes, and a number of nutrition activities.

Exciting, fun and informative site aimed at helping kids eat healthy and stay active.

Nutrition Café
Interactive nutrition education for kids who can be a nutrition sleuth to learn about nutrients or find out how their eating habits measure up at the HaveABite Café.
Interactive site for teen girls. Contains information on fitness and nutrition as well as other topics.

PBS Kids
The message to kids is to focus on what goes IN their bodies and has links to the food pyramid, real world tips, and understanding food labels.

Kid’s World
Nutrition information for kids with sections on the Food Pyramid, 5-a-Day, Nutrition Label, Coloring Book, Quiz, Links, Food Safety, General Agriculture & History, and Plant Nutrition.

Mission Nutrition
Kids can pick between nutritious foods in this fun game for elementary students.

Center for Young Women’s Health
Educational program focusing on nutrition, fitness, and overweight prevention for young women ages 12 to 20.

Healthy Fridge
Games, facts, and recipes for healthy kids.

Snack Smart
A guide to help teens choose healthy snacks.

The Amazing Food Detective
Interactive detective game introduces children (ages 9-10) to activities that show how to choose healthy foods and how to become more active.

Media-Smart Youth
For tweens, 11 to 13, to help them learn how to makes sense of the world around them, and how it can affect their health – especially in the areas of nutrition and physical activity.

Best Bones Forever
Understanding the importance of weight-bearing physical activity and calcium plus finding ways to incorporate this information into everyday life is what this girl-friendly site is all about.