Weight Management Resources

American Heart Association
This website focuses on the "calories in, calories burned" view of weight loss.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Privides information on beverage choices and how much they can affect your weight.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
How to use fruits and vegetables to help manage your weight.

Eat Right
The American Dietetic Association emphasizes weight management by making healthy eating choices and provides information on understanding BMI, healthy weight gain, and healthy weight loss.

This website can help you break down weight watching into the "basics" and "taking action" steps.

Medline Plus
This website is a one page review of how to keep a healthy weight and also explains the risk factors associated with the dangers of being underweight.

Medline Plus
Interactive tutorial on weight management

MHealthy Weight Management
This program combines group support, individual guidance, and strategies for developing healthy eating and physical activity habits, and a healthy attitude.

National Heart Lung and Blood Institute
Helps to clarify what a healthy weight goal is and how to achieve it.

This website offers a variety of resources such as strategies for success, interactive tools, and body image information to help people control their weight in a healthy way.

Shape Up America!
Aims to raise obesity awareness and provides information for healthy weight management. Offers links to allow users to assess their activity level, flexibility, and endurance.

USDA National Agricultural Library
This website lists many links for every weight management need such as a BMI calculator, a motivation station, and cooking healther foods that cater to each individual person.

Weight-Control Information Network
Provides information on weight cycling and how to control it.

Weight-Control Information Network
This website gives you information on how physical activity can help control your weight.

This website focuses on frequently asked questions in relation to women’s weight loss and obesity.