YMCA Detroit Leadership Academy (DLA)

Spring 2012 Update

What’s Happening?

DLA, the newest PHS Detroit school, hosted a follow up healthy screening in April and result letters have been mailed to parents of students who participated. The screening provides information about your student's cholesterol and blood pressure levels and shows you what the normal range is for each of these tests.

DLA 6th grades classes have completed their PHS lessons and are looking forward to field trips to the Brightmoore Community Gardens. These gardens are home to a dazzling array of vegetable and flower gardens as well as water conservation demonstrations, goats, and chickens!

Cafeteria Updates

PHS Staff has had a great time implementing farm to school activities in the cafeteria. Since the new year DLA students have had taste tests and in-cafeteria education focused on:

  • Sweet Seasonal Citrus
  • Great Grains
  • Where Does It Grow? (Michigan Vegetables!)

Looking Ahead

PHS staff are excited for the end of the year field day as well as implementing garden based nutrition classes during DLA's summer school.