Forsythe Middle School

Spring 2012 Update

What’s Happening?

Sixth grade advisories participated in the Healthy Habits Challenge to see who is practicing healthy lifestyle habits (see the PHS goals) day in and day out. Mrs. Lewis' advisory came out on top and their prize is an advisory period in the gym. The students are excited about having activity time in the gym.

Cafeteria Updates

Forsythe students enjoyed interacting with Chartwells' Chef Neil and sampling hummus and parfaits on their Snack Attack day in March, which is National Nutrition Month.

Looking Ahead

Plans are underway for the annual year-end fun day. We're looking for 2 parents to co-chair the event along with the health team and for parents to staff the game stations outside on the last day of school.

Health Team Updates

The Health Team recently welcomed a new member, the school nurse, Laurelle Brennan.