Henry Ford Academy

Winter 2012 Update

What’s Happening?

Just before the winter break we completed our Better Beverages lesson where we improved our nutrition literacy skills and discussed what to look for when choosing a beverage. Milk, water and small amounts of 100% juice are the best beverage choices!

We also recently completed our 'Choose My Plate' lesson where after conducting in-class research, we discovered that our meals are made up mostly of grains and proteins. Creating a balanced meal means including most or all of the food groups (grains, proteins, fruit, veggies and dairy) on our plates with a focus on fruits and vegetables. Half of our plates should be fruits and vegetables! Check out www.choosemyplate.gov to get more details about healthy meals. We also discussed our vibrant family food traditions using poems entitled, I Am From.

The PHS Advisory Board visited in early November and observed food tastings in the cafeteria and classroom teaching, visited the school garden and met the administrative staff. It was great to show them what is happening here!

Looking Ahead

Early next year, HFA 6th grades will have an opportunity to participate in PHS's after school YMCA Program at the Boll Family YMCA in Downtown, Detroit. Our second round of teaching will begin in February or March.