Lincoln Middle School

Spring 2012 Update

What’s Happening?

All the sixth grade students recently completed the 10 PHS activities including the last lesson which is a review of the nine earlier lessons. Students enjoy the game show format and winning prizes as they accumulate points. A big thanks goes out to the EMU students who are nurses participating in a clinical class led by Lincoln District nurse, Kitty Heiss. They taught the PHS lessons.

Students who participated in the fall PHS screening are being screened May 8.

Health Team Updates

  • A health team is coming together with 2 sixth grade teachers, 2 PE teachers, the health teacher and the assistant principal already on board. A May meeting is planned.
  • Lincoln's district wellness team recently heard about PHS's sustainability plan and found out that teachers are encouraging students daily to eat more fruits and veggies right before lunch.

Looking Ahead

  • PHS will assist with the 6th grade field day this year.
  • Options are being looked at for teaching PHS lessons next year, identifying a school wellness champ and creating a healthier school environment.