Royal Oak Middle School

Spring 2012 Update

What’s Happening?

  • ROMS are currently on lesson 9
  • Lessons are running smoothly with the help of our Wellness Champion, John Sebastian
  • During National Nutrition Month, Chartwells, the foodservice provider, hosted a Snack Attack program, spotlighting healthy snacks. It was a huge hit with all 3 grades

Cafeteria Updates

  • ROMS head cook reported an increase in low fat white milk sales and a decrease in flavored milk sales right around the time the PHS beverage lesson was taught!
  • ROMS will also be changing their cafeteria look and adopting the Chartwells "Environments" layout.

Wellness Team Updates

    We're working with ROMS Wellness Champion, John Sebastian, on several physical activity initiatives such as lunch time walks and Active Advisory times.

Looking Ahead

The ROMS field day is currently being planned. The date is still to be decided.

If you are a ROMS parent, student or staff member and would like to be part of this group to make a difference in the healthy school environment at ROMS, please contact Emily Hippler at