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April 2011 Update

What’s Happening?

  • Almost 50 six grade students completed a 16 week afterschool exercise program at the Boll Family YMCA learning about swimming/water safety techniques, and fun ways to exercise such as martial arts, rock climbing, and wallyball!
    • Many parents called to comment on how enriching the YMCA experience was for their child.
    • Personal Transportation provided a reliable school bus to transport students on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
    • Project Healthy Schools offered scholarships to students who were unable to pay, so no one was left out.
  • The YMCA now has a 20% corporate discount for all Thompson Foundation School employees on memberships at any Y facility. This is a great opportunity for staff to jumpstart their healthy lifestyle changes!
  • PHS and the Boll Family YMCA will offer Zumba classes afterschool for students, staff and parents once per week during the month of May.
  • PHS now has a bulletin board located right when you walk into UPA’s front doors! Check it for information like the Staff and Student Wellness Champion of the month, the Fruit/Vegetable of the month, pictures of 6th graders completing healthy activities, upcoming events, taste testing flyers for the month, and tips for getting active- including how to calculate your target heart rate zone.
    PHS Bulletin Board
    Check out the NEW bulletin board located at the front of the school.
  • Right now all 132 sixth graders are finishing up the 10 PHS activities.

  • Making Salsa
    Amanda, the PHS staff person, working on making the salsa for PHS Activity #6.

Wellness Team Updates

Our Wellness Team consists of 8 teachers and 37 sixth grade parents. Our second meeting took place on April 12th and we:

  • Discussed the 5k run/walk at the end of the year, and the need for parent volunteers
  • Shared ideas/comments about PHS or other wellness changes that could occur at UPA
  • Discussed the possibility of a Universal Breakfast Program at UPA

At the first meeting in February, we:

  • Reviewed UPA’s wellness policy,
  • Talked about fundraisers such as the Talent Show, Poetry/Art exhibit, School Dance, Basketball tournament students vs. teachers, and an ice-cream social
  • Discussed the need for parent volunteers

PHS is working to initiate a Wellness Team at the High School meet before the end of the school year. Both elementary schools have wellness teams in place, with excellent staff leaders and participation.

Cafeteria Updates

  • Four to five taste tastings are offered each month. Students have the opportunity to provide feedback to make the menu healthier and tastier!
  • In April we are trying yogurt with Michigan honey. Many kids are excited to be able to pour the honey on themselves, and to learn more about bees and the honeycomb.
  • The cafeteria windows are now decorated with Healthy Eating Posters so that students inside the cafeteria and those waiting outside can learn something during lunch!
  • Many students are discovering that healthy food taste good, too!

Looking Ahead

  • Since the finish of the afterschool YMCA program, PHS is working with John Harris, the director of the Boll Y to create more programs that we hope to offer it to all grades at UPA, UPSM, and HFA.
  • Project Healthy Schools is starting to promote outdoor soccer at a multicultural center, Clark Park- a season is only $35 per student, all ages. Sports equipment including shoes and shin guards are offered to the students as well.
  • Staff would like to have an afterschool exercise program for staff and students twice per week at UPA in the gym, which is currently being worked on by our new Wellness Champion- the school Social worker, Celica Whitley.
  • Dr. Ruth Stephens, a homeopathic doctor and parent of a 7th grader at UPA has offered to host a cooking demonstration, provide ongoing education to staff on Professional Development Days and come in during PHS lessons to offer her nutritional expertise. Currently we are setting up dates for May!
  • We just began the "I Will" campaign for UPA staff, we are hoping that students will recognize the signs and ask their teachers about their goals!
  • Our end of the year activity will be a 5k walk/run on Belle Isle for all UPA schools on Saturday May 21st from 9:00-2:00pm. Staff, students and their families are invited to an event where health vendors will offer local healthy food and activity options.