Update Archive

Fall 2010 Update

PHS fun and interactive lessons will begin in the second trimester. Classes will be taught during the morning advisory period. We look forward to educating the students about the dangers of fast and fatty food and too much screen time, the advantages of exercise and fruits and vegetables and the need to monitor the beverages that they consume.

We hired two new employees to work in our Thompson charter schools in Detroit. Welcome to Alison Heeres and Amanda Van Dort. Alison and Amanda will begin in mid-November. Alison is a graduate of the University of Michigan with a particular interest in urban gardens and nutrition and Amanda holds a degree from Eastern Michigan University with an expertise in exercise. They will blend their talents for a perfect match at UPA.

Heart Healthy screening for 6th graders will occur on Wednesday November 17! All students whose parents have signed the mailed University of Michigan consent form will be allowed to participate.

Looking Ahead

With the hiring of Amanda and Alison, we are looking forward to planning and implementing many new activities at UPA. Look for an after school fitness and/or cooking club, updates bulletin boards in the cafeteria, regular Wellness Team meetings and plans to expand the urban garden.

Health Team

With new foodservice employees, interested staff members, a new principal and new parent representatives, as well as Amanda and Alison, our first Wellness Team meeting will occur in late November. At this meeting, we'll develop an Action Plan for the school year. More news to follow!

Cafeteria Updates

Many thanks to Tammy Tedesco and her staff a Edibles Rex for starting off the school year with 3 great initiatives in our cafeteria. Our students are treated to biweekly samples of fresh produce from local farmers. In October students tasted fresh rutabaga and hummus dip as well as Michigan apples.

Students also sample healthy food through our biweekly PHS samples. Just this last week, Quinoa (a healthy grain) was paired with Michigan dried cherries.

Finally, Tammy features monthly Fun Friday's where she prepares a food based upon a region of the world. In September, uniquely American jello was paired with fresh peaches. In October, raw beets were shredded with carrots and an interesting orange dressing for Greek month and in November students will sample squash soup.

Thanks Edibles Rex for keeping it interesting! We have also added table tents and informative flyers in the cafeteria so that students can educate themselves about the new foods.