Update Archive

Fall 2011 Update

What’s Happening?

Teaching the week of October 10 and students and their advisory teachers have identified personal wellness goals. They have a solid understanding of PHS goals and have shown great interest in cooking activities and field trips. The teachers are currently in the middle of a fitness challenge which helps creates an supportive atmosphere of health and wellness.

Cafeteria Updates

The PHS team is working with school staff to relocate and set up salad bar equipment in the cafeteria. We are happy to be moving forward in the process of working with the food service provider, Edibles Rex, to offer fresh, local produce.

Health Team Updates

Mr. Moore has continually offered his time and enthusiasm to PHS and incorporates some PHS values into his PE class lessons. Additional staff have shown great interest in supporting PHS in an after-school garden course and fitness activities.

Looking Ahead

It’s with great excitement that we look forward to our PHS Kick Off, which is set for Friday, October 14th. The school’s Wellness Champion, Earl Moore, is working to make this as interactive and fun for students as possible. A school wide health fair is planned for January. School administrators hope to open the fair up to the community during after school hours. PHS staff is excited to be welcomed into the coordination and is looking forward to supporting the UPA community during this process. A monthly health speaker series is also in the planning stageswith the school-wide 5K run at Belle Isle in May being the last event in the series..