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February 2011 Update

What’s Happening?

UPA students and staff are very receptive to changing school wellness policies. Right now all 132 six graders are working through the 10 PHS activities.

  • Each lesson has a homework assignment which requires a parent signature – so parents can learn the lessons with us.
  • Panther Points are given to students for good behavior or for participating and turning in PHS assignments.
  • Students can purchase healthy snacks and other items with their Panther Points at a recently opened school store.
  • On taste testing days, completed feedback forms earn students additional Panther Points.
  • Each month different 6th graders sign up to be "Wellness Representatives" to talk about the food to be sampled on Taste Testing days or to give a pre-lesson before a PHS lesson.

The Boll Family YMCA and Project Healthy Schools developed an afterschool exercise program for the 6th graders at UPA.

  • A school bus takes the students on Tuesdays and Thursdays to swim and learn about various activities such as martial arts, rock climbing, and wallyball!
  • Project Healthy Schools offered scholarships to students who were unable to pay, so no one is left out.
  • The YMCA is developing a 20% corporate discount for all UPA and UPSM staff district-wide on memberships.
  • PHS and YMCA plan to offer Zumba classes at UPA afterschool for students, staff and parents once per week during the month of April.

Wellness Team Updates

Our Wellness Team consists of 8 teachers and 37 sixth grade parents. In the March newsletter we will invite 7th and 8th grade parents to join us. Our first meeting was on February 17th, we are:

  • reviewing and editing UPA’s wellness policy,
  • talking about fundraisers such as aTalent Show, Poetry/Art exhibit, School Dance, Basketball tournament students vs. teachers, and an ice-cream social,
  • and needed volunteers.

The High School is initiating a wellness team to meet in April and the elementary schools have wellness teams in place, too.

Cafeteria Updates

Four to five taste testings are offered each month. Students have the opportunity to provide feedback to make the menu get healthier and tastier!

  • whole vegetables, right from the ground are brought in
  • informational flyers are posted throughout the school, in the cafeteria, and provided to each classroom on the day of the tasting
  • black bean brownies were a UPA favorite, and Edibles Rex provided the recipe in the UPA newsletter

Many students are discovering that healthy food taste good, too!

Looking Ahead

  • After the 2 month trial period of the afterschool YMCA program, we hope to offer it to all grades at UPA, and at UPSM.
  • In the spring, Project Healthy Schools will promote outdoor soccer at Clark Park- a season is only $35 per student, all ages. Sports equipment including shoes and shin guards will be offered to the students as well.
  • Beginning in late March an afterschool Garden Club will meet twice per week, with students learning how to plant and grow their own vegetables. Gardening lessons will be offered to all 6th graders at the school during PHS lesson time.
  • Staff would like to have an afterschool exercise program for staff and students twice per week at UPA in the gym beginning in mid-March.
  • Dr. Ruth Stephens, a homeopathic doctor and parent of a 7th grader at UPA has offered to host a cooking demonstration, provide ongoing education to staff on Professional Development Days and come in during PHS lessons to offer her nutritional expertise.
  • Project Healthy Schools would like to provide Healthy Cooking Books to parents and staff.
  • Our end of the year activity will be a 5k walk/run on Belle Isle for all UPA schools. Staff, students and their families will come out to a healthy event where vendors will offer local healthy food options and provide health screenings.