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Spring 2010

Full time AmeriCorps member Carrie Hadler and Angela Newsom are implementing Project Healthy Schools (PHS) at UPA and UPSM with the assistance of PHS wellness coordinator, Susan Aaronson. They are teaming with the schools’ staff and students to create a healthier environment for everyone at the schools.

Carrie and Angela are in the schools six to eight hours a week, presenting the 10 PHS classroom activities to sixth grade students at each school. Approximately 350 Detroit 6th graders will have completed the PHS curriculum by the end of the school year.

Clubs and Activities

Students from both schools will also soon begin work on their own plots at the new community garden at the corner of John R & Palmer, near UPA. UPSM is also organizing another school garden plot next to the Detroit Science Center off Warren Avenue. Efforts are underway to partner with some of the most active urban farming communities in Detroit. Angela just completed an urban garden leadership training program with the Greening of Detroit called Urban Roots, as well as a 4-day Permaculture Intensive with Bill Wilson of Midwest Permaculture. She is extremely excited to be able to use this knowledge right away with these new projects.

Angela has started a Wellness Club, encouraging kids to become "Health Leaders" in their school. She is bringing in local chefs to lead hands-on healthy raw food preparation classes, various body movement classes like yoga and tai chi, and working with the kids on humane education principles like understanding the true cost of processed foods.

Carrie has started after-school cooking clubs and walking clubs at UPA. She has also brought local athletes in to present to the students. University of Michigan student-athlete and Cass Tech graduate Nick McCampbell, and Dartmouth graduate and USA Hockey player Krista Dornfried spoke to the students at the PHS kickoffs in October and November.

New Projects

Carrie and Angela are working together on a couple of projects, too. Both are working on making the lunchtime cafeteria options healthier, and exposing students to new food options. Wellness teams have formed at both schools. Forging ties with UPA/UPSM parents is a priority, too, so PHS goals can be discussed and implemented at home. These ties often grow at the relatively frequent open houses held by the principals.

More about UPA

These public charter schools in Detroit set high standards. The mission of University Preparatory Academy (UPA) is to provide students with a personalized learning program that will enable them to graduate from high school and be accepted at a university, community college, technical school, or skilled apprenticeship. University Prep Science and Math (UPSM) provides specialized education preparing students for science, technology, engineering and mathematics careers.

Working in the schools, created by the Bob and Ellen Thompson Foundation, is an exciting new venture for PHS. Check the websites for more information about the schools.

More about UPA

More About:

Carrie Hadler is a 2002 graduate of Ann Arbor Community High School and a 2006 graduate of Brown University where she majored in economics and history. Following graduation, she worked in the broadcasting industry in Providence, Rhode Island and Accra, Ghana. She has also worked as a journalist for monthly magazines in China and India. Carrie joined AmeriCorps to continue her positive commitment to Detroit’s youth and the rest of the city. Currently, Carrie also heads her own record label in Detroit, where she has lived for two years.

Angela Newsom is dedicated to assisting others with the transition to a healthy, non-consumption lifestyle and to raising awareness of Health and Food Justice issues. In 2002 decades of personal and family health problems came to a head through the loss of her father. Since then she has been on a personal mission to seek and share alternative information and resources to empower others to make the change for themselves, their family, community and planet. Angela attended Schoolcraft’s Culinary Arts program, but found her true passion for healthy food preparation through independent study, working in various health-food stores and taking classes with groups like the Creative Health Institute.