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Summer 2011 Update

All the sixth graders completed the PHS curriculum and pre- and post-program screenings and surveys at UPA this year. In addition, PHS worked extensively with Edibles Rex, the foodservice company, to:

  • offer local produce
  • provide samples of healthier options for kids to taste
  • have Fun Food Fridays once a month featuring ethnic and healthy foods
  • PHS was on site to promote and educate the students about all of these new food offerings.

On the physical activity front, PHS:

  • Created an ’Active’ poster and marketing campaign
  • Sponsored a 5K run on Bell Isle involving students from all the UPA schools, including two elementary schools, the middle school and the high school.
  • Partnered with the Boll Family YMCA to offer after school activities.

In addition, PHS started a wellness team and provided guidance and funding to Gardening Club teachers to help launch the new gardening initiative.