Willow Run Intermediate Learning Center

Spring 2012 Update

What’s Happening?

  • Classroom nutrition and activity materials and PE equipment was given to Willow Run Intermediate Learning Center in March. This was funded through the AstraZeneca grant.
  • Fourth quarter literacy students are enjoying the PHS lessons.
  • Krista Jarvey, the literacy teacher, is the new PHS Wellness Champ!
  • Spring Fling is here! Friday evening, April 26 school partners, including PHS, set-up fun activities and displays outside for Willow Run's Spring Fling which is open to students and their families. Making trail mix and getting active are what happened at the PHS table staffed by Krista Jarvey and volunteer, Kaylynn Stanton. The orange dice you see in the photo are tossedon the table and then the participant does the activity indicated on the die for the number of times shown on the other die. For example, participants might have to do 8 jumping jacks. It's a fun way to be active.
  • Students who were screened in the fall participated in a follow-up screening. There are a few more students to screen in May.

Cafeteria Update

  • Bowls filled with fruit are delivered to all core curriculum classrooms (food isn't a good idea in elective classes, like Art, Computers, PE, Band, Choir, etc.) weekly through the end of May. Chartwells, the district's foodservice provider, is partnering with us to make this happen. Funding is from the Beard Foundation.
  • Lynne, the foodservice supervisor, has added more color to the fruit and veggie bar! More color means more nutritional value. Good job, Lynne.

Looking Ahead

A field day is being planned for the 5th graders.