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Volunteer Gain classroom experience in Ann Arbor Public Schools

Volunteering with Project Healthy Schools is your opportunity to help kids develop healthy lifestyles! Obesity, a leading health concern in America, causes many health-related problems, including heart disease and diabetes as well as increasing medical costs. You can make a difference! As a “Health Ambassador” volunteer, you will work directly with students to help them understand the benefits of healthy eating and physical activity.

Weekly Opportunities

Sign up to teach PHS lessons once a week for 10 weeks to sixth graders in an Ann Arbor public middle school. The lessons are scripted and tailored to fit into a 25-minute time slot so volunteering can fit into your busy schedule.

Who Can Volunteer?

Anyone interested in making a difference in children’s health;  Students, Parents, Community members, or Health professionals.

Lesson Schedule

The 10 PHS lessons are taught in the Ann Arbor public middle schools twice a year.

  • Cycle 1: Mid-September – Mid-December, 11:37am – 12:02pm (Forsythe and Tappan)
  • Cycle 2: Mid-January – Early April, 11:39am – 12:04pm (Scarlett, Slauson, Clague)

A one-hour training is required so you feel confident and prepared to teach the lessons.

Earn Course Credit

Undergraduates at the University of Michigan can receive credits for teaching PHS lessons.  You can enroll in Sociology 225 to receive three credits for teaching in a middle school and helping with other PHS opportunities.  School of Public Health graduate students can enroll in Community Nutrition (fall semester) and receive credit for teaching PHS lessons in an Ann Arbor Public School.  And School of Public Health undergraduate students can enroll in Practical Projects (winter semester) and receive credit for teaching and helping with other PHS projects.

Lesson Example

Teaching a PHS lesson is fun, easy, and a great way to empower the youth in our community.


Apply to Become a PHS Health Ambassador

Health Ambassadors
Health Ambassadors Posing

For more information about the health ambassador program, please contact the head of the program, Jana Stewart:

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